Thursday, January 17, 2008

Seven times better..

.. i have just recovered from a serious "block-out" so to speak, a complete repair of myself from what i have embraced for years is indescribable...

As far as i am concerned, i took every part of it essential to my walk as a bondservant. Have i forsaken the truth? For many many years, yes. i think so. I desire transformation and the process I went and go through still. I like these times more than ever. Over and under, above and beneath, in spite and despite, oh i lost it! ^_^ draft this one.

Real time. Like in music, it's when you are able to submit to the principles and still be able to shower creativity. (sorry, it's freestyle) Nothing compares to the beginning of every endeavor. It dawned on me that the reward smiles at the "during". take note: the ending is much more similar to the beginning. If i have the chance, i would let you know my 'going-throughs'. The process is never out of reach. Know this that it is not as detailed as you expect it to be. On the other hand, it is making this blog real to you and your experience. Never here to feed you but to seek the listener in you, and that is more than what psychology can offer.

Gratefully, i'm born again. I have a Father who is more than this blog can write about. I am pretty sure He hears and listens. He sees and blesses. He loves and desires. He gives and forgives.

Do what is pleasing to HIM, the Father of all things. The One who said, I AM WHO I AM.

So while I love music and writing, I give my life and all rather to the GIVER.

Cherish the day. You are blessed..and LOVED!

beginning anew..

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