Sunday, January 20, 2008

NO? Yes!

YES i know when to say "NO", yes i know?!

I've been suffering from chest and back pains for 4 days now. I wonder why. Posture-related? a biiiiig YES! No wait, i'm bothered by dry cough too these days. So whenever sitting or standing, even sleeping, I'm having chest pains and hard cough. Hmm..

Succumbing to OLD and BAD habits solves my problem... (please paraphrase it. hehe)

I mean (the root of all these) at least this is what i see as i analyze it..
  • posture-check (is quasimodo a 24-yo man?)

  • rising bell and lights off (intertwined..hehe, been rarely aware of it..nah, hardheaded)


  • tv(cfpr) but i spend only 1 hour a day (obey first before I compain)

  • UNhealthy diet (but i just pledged to be a part-time vegetarian..^_-)

  • Exercise! (waiwaiwait... i jog.. i do jogging... IN PLACE) i stay in place but at least it's the same as brisk walking...whaaaaaaaat? hahaha i haven't slept ;p

  • My daily quiet time (it's been a loooooooooong time, sad really)

I takevitamins, I dochores, I cherishmusic, I amhappy.

i wonder why still. i wait in stillness.
If you hear HIS voice, HARDEN NOT YOUR HEART.

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