Friday, January 18, 2008


"Palm Lessons" grew out of her daily vision to touch life with sincerity. God, the sole Giver of life has held his servant, and will forever hold her in the palm of His hand.
That's G R A C E.

The outdoors seem pleasant. If I walk a little bit
more, it'll surely take me to the frivolity of overusing the "I".
Drawn closer.

In a few minutes, I will likely have more time with real buddies who stayed with me happily all these years. I shook my head and started counting the years. It seems golden.

Tomorrow may just like be another day. Realistically, it is. Still, I seek a different perspective, something that cannot be robbed of me forever. Unique and lasting.

I kneel to You, bring me to Your palm. That in this life, may I be able to embrace with genuine compassion those who are lost in the middle of the tension, and neglect. Thus, feel secure in Thy palm.

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