Sunday, January 27, 2008



I goofed.

I was trying to hide.

I ended up frustrated.


I self-talked.

I was trying to explain.

I found myself defensive.

I wanted to hide my face or withdraw from the crowd.
If i could only disappear instantly.
Waaaaaa right up to this moment... I am concerned with what and who i am. It is sad.
I have confided already. I cried to God too already. I shall be better.

I saw him. He said, "hi." It made me glad. It felt good.
I sat at the piano. I said, "Oh no... nyay". I crouched within. It felt uneasy.

He said, "thank you." I could not look straight in the eyes.
I perspired a lot. I bowed my head and said, "oh.. sorry..sorry.. sobra ito.."

I felt a sudden collapse.
No more. I won't be seeing him anymore.
I am a coward.

too many mistakes..........................

I wanted to be good in his eyes.

I wanted to please him with that short performance.

I have sinned against God.
Will He allow us to meet again?

I have never felt such drawnness. I won't let go of that special memory.
strange and apart.
unknown forever.

Likewise, ivories do tarnish.


Aegis` said...

waaaaaaaaahhh!! kakakilig tita.. grabe..haha joke.. uy chinerished... ox lang yan tita.. serious pala siya dun oh... aba tita iba na yan..hehehe.."till we meet again.." maganda siguro, isasadula natin ang buhay mo tita..!!! exciting :D

Aegis` said...

bakit ganun di napost ung comments ko.... :(

keys said...

hehehe..marnieeeee!!!kilala mu un.. hahaha ambisyosa si tetin!!! hehehe!hanggang pangarap lang.. dibale malakas aku magpray.. samahan narin ng fasting!!!! dyok!!!